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ViLLE supports a variety of automatically assessed exercises, divided into three categories. All exercises can be accompanied with supporting materials, such as images, videos or GeoGebra components.

Computer science exercises:
Since ViLLE was originally intended for developers' personal use in computer science courses, programming and other CS areas are still well covered. In CS exercises the students can for example write, translate and execute code, do conversions, simulate program and algorithm execution and visualize programs. ViLLE supports a variety of programming and query languages (including for example Java, Javascript, C(++), C#, Python, MySQL and PHP), and in most CS exercises the translation to other languages is done automatically.

General exercises:
The exercises in the general category can be used to teach almost any subject. The are several exercise types designed especially for language and grammar education, including topics such as compounds, word order, punctuation and case, and dialog. Other exercises in the general category are for example sorting exercise, classification, identifying areas in pictures, matrix selection and filling in the gaps. Moreover, ViLLE also supports multifaceted surveys (with support for file uploads) and quizzes with different kinds of questions.

Math exercises:
Mathematical exercises in ViLLE are designed to facilitate math learning especially among elementary school level. Moreover, there are several mathematical exercises for higher levels (such as quadratic equations). The math exercises are designed to be as easy for teachers to create as possible, but still versatile enough to support different levels and methods of education. Math category also contains several different drilling games (such as racing or ladder game) that can be used to teach other topics as well. ViLLE also supports Geogebra to enable geometric drawing, and has a built in editor for writing mathematical symbols.