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Electronic exams in ViLLE offer several benefits over traditional pen-and-paper exams. First, if automatically assessed exercises are used, the results can be published as soon as the exam is over. If manually graded assignments are used, entering and editing the answers is still easier, and assessing the answers is effortless with the built-in grading tool. Electronic exams also support easy attachment of any materials (including videos). For computer science exams, ViLLE offers a more authentic coding environment where the students can enter, test and refine their code before submitting it. Personal deadlines can be defined if the students do not all take the exam at the same time. For teacher, ViLLE offers a view for monitoring the exam state and submission scores at real-time.

All ViLLE's automatically assessed exercises and manually graded assignments can be used in electronic exams easily. The exam rounds offer flexible settings for the amount of feedback displayed in the exam. The exams can be protected with passwords and started in preview-mode if necessary. The exams in ViLLE have been tested with various setups, including small scale to very large scale (over 4000 students at the same time), and the experiences and the student feedback have been very positive.