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Since even with modern technology automatically assessing everything is not possible, ViLLE supports a variety of assignments types and tasks that can manually assessed by teachers, including for example:

  • Essays: essay type questions can be entered directly into ViLLE, or written with any word processor and submitted into ViLLE with the upload assignment. There is a built-in mark-up tool with a highlighter and comment tool for assessing and evaluating essay-type questions, with automatic publication of grading to students.
  • Attendances and demonstrations: attendances can be manually registered with ViLLE. To make things easier, ViLLE also supports RFID-readers: if a student has an RFID tag (or card or similar) registered in ViLLE, he or she can register the attendances by flashing the tag to a reader. Students can also register their demonstrations or homework into ViLLE by using the tags; after markdown, ViLLE can randomly assign the presenters or small groups when needed. Similar to all manual assignments in ViLLE, the students have an access to their results all time.
  • Study journals can be used to collect students' perceptions and self-reflections after each lecture.
  • Course projects can be used to submit and grade project work with multiple phases (for example project plan, implementation, final report etc.). The projects can be done collaboratively as well.
  • Other manually graded assignments include for example booking calendars, discussion forums and lecture polls.