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Magazine Article
Cultural Issues That Affect Computer Programming-A Study of Vietnamese in Higher Education, Veerasamy, A. K., and M.-J. Laakso , Asian Journal of Education and e-Learning, 04/2016, Volume 04, Issue 02, (2016)
Journal Article
Visualizable Pseudo Programming Language, Laakso, M.-J., Rajala T., Kaila E., and Salakoski T. , TUCS Technical Report Number, Volume 838, (2007)
VILLE - Multilanguage Tool for Teaching Novice Programming, Rajala, T., Laakso M.-J., Kaila E., and Salakoski T. , TUCS Technical Report, Volume 827, (2007)
ViLLE - Collaborative Education Tool: Designing and Utilizing an Exercise-Based Learning Environment, Laakso, M.-J., Kaila E., and Rajala T. , Education and Information Technologies, 01/2018, (2018)
Utilizing an Exercise-based Learning Tool Effectively in Computer Science Courses, Kaila, E., Rajala T., Laakso M.-J., Lindén R., Kurvinen E., and Salakoski T. , Olympiads in Informatics, Volume 8, (2014)
Using Roles of Variables to Enhance Novice's Debugging Work, Laakso, M.-J., Malmi L., Korhonen A., Rajala T., Kaila E., and Salakoski T. , Journal of Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology, Volume 5, p.281–295, (2008)
Tuloksia ja kokemuksia ohjelmasuorituksen visualisoinnista, Kaila, E., Rajala T., Laakso M.-J, and Salakoski T. , Tietojenkäsittelytiede, Volume 29, Issue 1, p.17-36, (2009)
On study habits on an introductory course on programming, Willman, S., Lindén R., E. Kaila, Rajala T., Laakso M.-J., and Salakoski T. , Computer Science and Education, (2015)
Refactoring a CS0 course for engineering students to use active learning, Lokkila, E., Kaila E., Lindén R., Laakso M-J., and Sutinen E , Interactive Technology and Smart Education, Volume 14, p.182–195, (2017)
Redesigning an Object-Oriented Programming Course, Kaila, E., Kurvinen E., Lokkila E., and Laakso M.-J. , The ACM Transactions on Computing Education, (2016)
Promoting Programming Learning. Engagement, Automatic Assessment with Immediate Feedback in Visualizations, Laakso, M.-J. , TUCS Dissertations, Volume 131, (2010)
Ohjelmoinnin perusopetuksen verkostohanke: loppuraportti, Kaila, E. , (2008)
The Impact of Lecture Attendance on Exams for Novice Programming Students, Veerasamy, A. K., D'Souza D., Lindén R., Kaila E., Laakso M.-J., and Salakoski T. , International Journal of Modern Education and Computer Science (IJMECS), 05/2016, Volume 8, Issue 5, (2016)
Identifying Novice Student Programming Misconceptions and Errors From Summative Assessments, Veerasamy, A. K., D'Souza D., and Laakso M.-J. , Journal of Educational Technology Systems (ETS), 09/2016, Volume 45, Issue 1, (2016)
How to Improve K12 Teachers, ‘ ICT Competence in Finland: the Joensuu Region Case, M., Petrelius, M.-J. Laakso, I. Jormanainen, and Sutinen E. , ICT in Education in Global Context: The Best Practices in K-12 Schools, Lecture Notes in Educational Technology, Springer, (2016)
Effects, Experiences and Feedback from Studies of a Program Visualization Tool, Kaila, E., Rajala T., Laakso M.-J., and Salakoski T. , Informatics in Education, Volume 8, p.17–34, (2009)
Effectiveness of Program Visualization: A Case Study with the ViLLE Tool, Rajala, T., Laakso M.-J., Kaila E., and Salakoski T. , Journal of Information Technology Education: Innovations in Practice, IIP, Volume 7, p.15–32, (2008)
The Effect of the Immediate Feedback by the Collaborative Education Tool ViLLE on Learning for Business Mathematics in Higher Education, Kuikka, M., Laakso M.-J., and M. Joshi , Journal of Educational Technology Systems, Volume 45, Issue 1, p.34-49, (2016)
Challenges when introducing electronic exam, Kuikka, M., Kitola M., and Laakso M-J. , Research in Learning Technology 2014, Volume 22, p.22817, (2014)
Conference Paper
Visualisointi ohjelmoinnin oppimisessa, Kaila, E., Rajala T., and Laakso M.-J. , XI Tietojenkäsittelytieteen päivät, Tampere, Finland, May 2008, (2008)
ViLLE - Visual Learning Tool, Rajala, T., Laakso M.-J., Kaila E., and Salakoski T. , (2008)
VILLE - kieliriippumaton visuaalinen työkalu ohjelmoinnin opetukseen, Rajala, T., Laakso M.-J., Kaila E., and Salakoski T. , Practice paper, ReflekTori 2007, Espoo, Otaniemi, 3.-4.12.2007, (2007)
VILLE - A Language-Independent Program Visualization Tool, Rajala, T., Laakso M.-J., Kaila E., and Salakoski T. , Proceedings of the Seventh Baltic Sea Conference on Computing Education Research (Koli Calling 2007), Koli National Park, Finland, November 15-18, 2007, Volume 88, (2007)